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QUIZ: Am I Ready to Date?

  1. What is the status of my relationship with Jesus? Do I acknowledge Him as the center of my life?

  2. Do I regularly receive the Sacraments, i.e. Mass every Sunday and more often if possible, Confession regularly, etc.?

  3. Do I pray daily, keeping my life in communion with Him?

  4. Do I regularly read and study the Word of God so that the truth of the Scriptures may continue to form my life?

  5. What is my understanding of my vocation? Have I earnestly sought out the will of God for my life? Do I have some reasonable grounds for believing that He is calling me to be married?

  6. Do I have good reason to believe that now is the time that He wants me to date?

  7. Am I victorious in the moral life? Am I consistently free from mortal sin, especially sins of the flesh? Has a significant time passed in which I am able to live chastely, victorious over sins of the flesh in my life (i.e. 6 months to a year)?

  8. Do I carefully avoid near occasions of sin, such as conversations, books, magazines, music, movies, TV shows, or clothing, that devalue the virtue of chastity or disregard other aspects of the moral life?

  9. Am I personally mature enough to enter into this type of relationship with another person?

  10. Do I have a healthy love and respect for myself? Do I have a healthy self-image? Do I see myself as good and loveable rather than thinking I am unlovable or not worthy of someone's love?

  11. Do I have some stable, quality friendship relationships?

  12. Do I have a healthy well-rounded life without dating, as opposed to having a consuming 'need' to date in order to give my life meaning or resolve unmet loneliness issues?

  13. Am I approaching dating for the purpose of loving service of another instead of simply having my needs met?

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