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"When I saw Michele TePas speak, I was struck by her genuine love for Jesus and for young people. She has a zest for the Gospel and for life that is infectious. I was so glad that my daughters had the opportunity to hear her speak, and I would like to give that opportunity to all the young people of our Diocese."

- Mary Bulgrin, Diocesan Youth Coordinator

"Our students, both guys and girls alike, were awestruck by Michele's enthusiasm and deep commitment to her faith and her love for Jesus. So many felt that if such a beautiful person, inside and outside, could remain chaste and abstinent, they could too. Others appreciated her affirmations for the choices they've made, and felt a kinship with her immediately. She left such a positive energy with our kids!"

- Sharon DeVeto, Campus Ministry Facilitator

About Michele TePas

Cleveland resident Michele TePas has been actively involved in chastity ministry for over ten years. A faithful Catholic, her passion for the beauty of sexual purity began as a freshman in high school. In a program called Jeremiah Ministries, she prayed, studied and spoke to her peers about the blessings of living a chaste life. She became involved with a local retreat group called Teens Encounter Christ, where as a team member, her public speaking skills blossomed. After she graduated from Magnificat High School, she went on to study Great Books at the University of Notre Dame, where she wrote her senior thesis on Pope John Paul II's beautiful teachings on human sexuality. She then utilized her skills as a theology teacher at St. Joseph's High School in South Bend, Indiana. Believing that God had a different plan for her life, she returned to Cleveland and worked full-time for a government-funded abstinence education program. Michele now works as an independent chastity speaker and is writing her first book on the topic.

What Teens Are Saying

I really enjoyed Michele's speech and I really believe she set a great example and sent an awesome message to all of us. It made me make my final decision that I will definitely choose virginity until I am married. (8th grade boy)

You could say I'm "girl crazy." But, after your speech my mind has chosen a new path. I love it now. I can breath without thinking about what other people think about me... I just want to say... thank you very much! (11th grade boy)

Your positive talk really encouraged me... I saw the important reasons to be chaste. Please continue to share your message with such enthusiasm. Girls really need role models like you to guide them. (10th grade girl)

You are the coolest chastity speaker ever... Everyone was listening to you. (8th grade girl)


How Chastity Will Change Your Life Forever
What is chastity? Why practice it? How do you live it? This presentation emphasizes the immense beauty of God's plan for sexuality, inspiring the audience to "Say YES to God's best!" By focusing on the blessings of chastity instead of the consequences of impurity, teens will discover how to experience a life full of personal freedom, meaningful relationships, and true joy.

A Christian Approach to Finding True Love
Discover why dating so often leads to brokenness, and how God's plan for relationships can bless you beyond your wildest dreams. This presentation examines the differences between the world's view of dating and God's plan.

Preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation
Our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. What does that mean? How should this affect the way we live? In this presentation, Michele reflects on St. Paul's words challenging us to flee from sexual immorality and to give glory to God with our bodies.

Each presentation is approximately one hour in length, and is typically followed by a period of questions and answers.

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