Week Two

The integrity of the upright guides them... (Proverbs 11:3)

"But, I ask you, is it better to be resigned to a life without ideals... or rather, seek the truth, goodness, justice, working for a world that reflects the beauty of God, even at the cost of facing the trials it may involve?" --Pope John Paul II, World Youth Day XII

Think About That

To live in a world where we experience Christian ideals like kindness, patience, peace, forgiveness, and joy takes the commitment of people who first believe in those ideals and then the commitment to act those ideals out everyday. That's no easy task. It's a lot of work. The Holy Father is asking us, "is it worth it?" He says "yes!"

Take Action

Every day there are ways that we fail to live out our Christian ideals. Each time we do that we cause a little "death" or pain or sorrow in someone and in ourselves. This week choose one Christian ideal that you are going to work hard at living out in every situation and with every person you meet.

Say A Prayer

Lord, help me to live out the ideals of Jesus. Especially help me when others make fun of me or tease me for standing up for what I believe. Help me to know that it's worth the work.

Did You Know?

The Pope has numerous official titles, including bishop of Rome, vicar of Jesus Christ, successor of the prince of the apostles, supreme pontiff of the universal Church, patriarch of the West, primate of Italy, archbishop and metropolitan of the Roman province, sovereign of the state of the Vatican City, servant of the servants of God.

Taken from...
My Dear Young Friends: Pope John Paul II Speaks to Youth on Life, Love, and Courage
Copyright © 2002 -- Reprinted with permission of the editor, John M. Vitek.

My Dear Young Friends, a collection of fifty-two weekly reflections on living in the Spirit, invites young people to read and act on Pope John Paul II's inspiring addresses to young people gathered at annual World Youth Day celebrations. Please visit for more information from the publisher, Saint Mary's Press.