Pope John Paul II Speaks to Youth

Week Nineteen

Set the believers an example in speech and conduct... (1 Timothy 4:12)

"Through her example, may (Most Holy Mary) encourage you to be in the new millennium announcers of hope, love and peace." --Pope John Paul II, St. Louis, World Youth Day XV

Think About That

Mary holds a special place in the Church because she was a great announcer of hope, love, and peace. She said "yes" to God when asked to be the mother of Jesus. Mary is the great example to us in how we should live our lives as well.

Take Action

This week, all week, you are asked to say "yes" to God. What is one thing you are going to say "yes" to that will please God and bring about hope, love, or peace?

Say A Prayer

God, you are the source of hope, love, and peace. Grant me the strength to say "yes" to you this week, to be an instrument of your peace.

Did You Know?

Pope John Paul II was ordained a Deacon on October 20, 1946.

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My Dear Young Friends: Pope John Paul II Speaks to Youth on Life, Love, and Courage
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My Dear Young Friends, a collection of fifty-two weekly reflections on living in the Spirit, invites young people to read and act on Pope John Paul II's inspiring addresses to young people gathered at annual World Youth Day celebrations. Please visit www.smp.org for more information from the publisher, Saint Mary's Press.

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