Pope John Paul II Speaks to Youth

Week Twenty

Do not love the world... (1 John 2:15)

"Let no one mislead you or prevent you from seeing what really matters. Turn to Jesus, listen to him, and discover the true meaning and direction of your lives." --Pope John Paul II, St. Louis, Missouri

Think About That

Think about all the advertisements you see in one week on television or in magazines. They are all trying to sell you something by telling you that if you just have what they are selling you will be really happy. The Holy Father reminds us to not be fooled. Only in Jesus will we find what really matters and what really brings happiness.

Take Action

This week find an old magazine that you can write in. Look at several of the advertisements. What are they telling you about "what really matters?" Do you believe it? If everyone in your family is finished reading the magazine write in your own positive, Christ-centered messages on the advertisements.

Say A Prayer

Lord, help me to know that you alone are what really matters. Help me to not be taken in by the many voices that tell me that material things will bring me real happiness. Help me to trust in you.

Did You Know?

On May 13, 1981, at 5:19 p.m., while Pope John Paul II was circling in the popemobile in St. Peter's Square, he was shot and severely wounded by a young Turkish man.

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My Dear Young Friends: Pope John Paul II Speaks to Youth on Life, Love, and Courage
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My Dear Young Friends, a collection of fifty-two weekly reflections on living in the Spirit, invites young people to read and act on Pope John Paul II's inspiring addresses to young people gathered at annual World Youth Day celebrations. Please visit www.smp.org for more information from the publisher, Saint Mary's Press.

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