Pope John Paul II Speaks to Youth

Week Twenty-Six

You need endurance... (Hebrews 10:36)

"Be in this world bearers of Christian faith and hope by living love every day. Be faithful witnesses of the Risen Christ, never turn back before the obstacles that present themselves on the paths of your lives. I am counting on you. On your youthful energy and your dedication to Christ." --Pope John Paul II, Poznan, Poland

Think About That

The Holy Father was a young person once and knows well how many obstacles can get in the way of being witnesses of Christian faith. He also knows how much of an impact youthful energy can have in making a difference in the world. He knows that when youthful energy is dedicated to Christ it can change the world.

Take Action

Go outside and find a small stone that will fit easily in your pocket. This stone represents your dedication to Christ when you encounter obstacles each day. Carry this stone in your pocket all week long. Each time you encounter an obstacle, reach in your pocket and feel the stone. Remember that it is your dedication to Christ that will allow you to overcome the obstacle.

Say A Prayer

Lord, you alone can help me move past the obstacles I run into in my life. Help me to be dedicated to you enough that I always trust in your presence.

Did You Know?

Pope John Paul II is the first non-Italian pontiff since the 16th century.

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My Dear Young Friends: Pope John Paul II Speaks to Youth on Life, Love, and Courage
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My Dear Young Friends, a collection of fifty-two weekly reflections on living in the Spirit, invites young people to read and act on Pope John Paul II's inspiring addresses to young people gathered at annual World Youth Day celebrations. Please visit www.smp.org for more information from the publisher, Saint Mary's Press.

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