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Newsletter for Catholic Teens : February 2003

Valentine's Day Blues
QUIZ: Am I Ready to Date?

Valentine's Day Blues

Dear Friends,

For some of you, Valentine's Day is a much awaited time where you receive thoughtful signs of love from that special someone--a heartfelt note or poem, some beautiful roses, chocolates, perfume or cologne, or a romantic evening out to celebrate your love. For others, reading what I just wrote might make you sick to your stomach! He, he. I've been on both sides. Right now I want to offer some encouragement to those that are feeling like this day is anything but a celebration of love. Maybe you've even affectionately dubbed it "The Black Day" or another suitably dark nickname.

I know well the pressures to date at a young age. And I know what it feels like to be surrounded by friends who have a boyfriend or girlfriend, when you yourself don't. Most of the time, you're OK with that, right? Maybe you've even made a conscious decision to wait to date until you're older, like I did. But somehow, Valentine's Day can make even the most self-confident single feel a little... well... lonely, or maybe even sad. And that's where I come in! I'm going to try and cheer you up!

Let me just first speak from experience. I wasn't in a serious one-on-one dating relationship until I was out of college! Yeah, can you believe it!? And it wasn't because I didn't have the opportunity to date at an earlier age. It was because I made a decision that I wanted to wait until I was more mature and in a position where I could seriously consider the possibility of marriage. I wanted to cherish my singleness and give it to the Lord for His service. And boy did He use that time to help me grow in so many ways! And now? I couldn't possibly imagine being married to someone that I would be more happy with. My husband is sooooo perfect for me in sooooo many ways. And God led me to Him in His way, in His time.

So, if you're feeling a little bit down because you're not dating someone, be encouraged by my story and take the Am I Ready to Date? quiz in the Articles section of this website. It might reaffirm your singleness and give you hope to trust in Jesus' plan for your life.

Until next month, I remain...

Your Eucharist loving, Blessed Mother petitioning, rockin' Catholic Church obeying, Pope John Paul II devotee and fellow sinner in need of God's grace and mercy,

Michele TePas
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